Die Daten basieren auf insgesamt 28 M Events Portalen der Jahre 2011-2014, welche die Webcasts und Abstracts von medizinischen Fachkongressen beinhalten. Selection of M Events Content Pages for Medical Customers. 28 portals years 2011-2014. Content are webcasts and abstracts.

Online portal with mobile view:
the shortest way to bring your content into the web

Provide constant information online without time limit, and increase the relevance of your event. Offer your visitors mobile access to running sessions and lectures already during the congress. With m|cast and m|conference2web you will receive a structured library with various search functions and other intelligent and dynamic tools.

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Content can be accessed
already during the event
via a mobile device

Create a community with the help of a central knowledge platform.

All Content from one Database

All content from one data base

Mobile gateways are growing rapidly.
Be a part of this trend!

  • Offer your visitors and members state of the art comfort

    with a personal access to lectures, abstracts, live streams and further content – anytime and anywhere.

  • Profit from a growing user base.

    On demand portals providing charged and free of charge content are a lucrative business opportunity and a promising advertising medium.

Activate a community with your topics and grow your user base

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    Evaluation tools provide useful feedback about content, users and hot topics.

  • icon-chat

    Discussion fora involve users and link them to the portal.

  • icon-social

    Integrated social networks augment the visibility and relevance of the portal.

These successful platforms speak for themselves

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This is what our customers say

“The EASD Virtual Meeting is now one of the most important, and most valued, activities of our Association. Its impact on diabetes education worldwide has been  phenomenal and the positive feedback has been overwhelming. Its continued development over the years to come is of utmost importance for the Association, our members, Annual Meeting delegates and EASD Virtual Meeting users worldwide.”

Dr. Viktor Jörgens, Former Executive Director EASD

Everything at one glance

  • m|cast – for webcast production
  • m|conference2web – for online publication
  • Fully automated recording and production process

  • Minimal equipment and setup required

  • No additional staff needed

  • Automatic start and stop of recording

  • Integrated digital Copyright Management

  • Same day availability of recorded presentations as webcast

  • Playback as originally presented including integrated videos and animations

  • Subsequent blackening of protected content possible

  • Optimized file size while keeping the best possible quality of display

  • Automated full text indexing of slides and generation of meta data

  • Platform independent dynamic webcast player (iOS and Android compatible) including preview function and integrated full text search

  • Integration of speaker picture or video

  • Multi-language recording supported