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For over 10 years, clients with exceptionally high standards have trusted M Events. We know the success of your event directly depends on our performance. That’s why M Events cultivates three essential values:
Technical perfection, Maximum customer proximity and Impelling innovative leadership.
Achieving the best results means no shortcuts. Where standard solutions are tested to their limits, we open new doors using our systems, ensuring that your event is more secure, high-powered and even more successful.

Here are examples of inexpensive solutions found for the following tasks:

  • No name plates

    “I hate name plates displayed on tables and lectern – let´s get rid of this”

  • 1.000 talks tomorrow via our website

    “can you make 1.000 talks available tomorrow via our website ?”

  • Printed-posters/ programme/ room signage

    “We don´t want posters/ programme/ room signage/ evaluation forms/ CME-Forms in printed form anymore”

  • Lanyards needed now

    “have you got 500 lanyards, now ?”

  • Network needed

    “We need a network for a 15k+ Conference”

  • Low budget for staff or equipment

    “we don´t have the budget for your staff or equipment on site, but we want your IT services”

  • Fiber- /satellite- /streaming/ internet connection needed

    “We need a fiber- /satellite- /streaming/ internet connection and there is nothing on site”

  • Overflow areas needed

    “We need overflow areas and we do not know where and for which sessions”

  • Sound proof rooms needed

    “We need additional sound proof rooms”

  • Not sufficient set-up / dismantling time

    “We do not have sufficient set-up / dismantling time”

  • Speakers needed

    “not all speakers may be able to travel to our conference tomorrow – please take care”

  • Wireless network needed

    “We need a wireless network for a 15k+ Conference”

  • Movie needed

    “we need a movie for our opening ceremony, tomorrow”

  • No queues and lower budget

    “We don’t want to have queues anymore and we want to lower our budget at the same time.”

  • Tables needed now

    “have you got 200 more tables ?”

  • Increase value for my participants

    “Can you organize for some money for my conference and at the same time increase its´s value for my participants ?”

  • Insure timetable

    “our speakers and chairs never stick to the timetable, please force them to do so”

  • Cinema, hotel and lobby needed

    “we need to integrate a cinema, a hotel and a lobby to accommodate our conference”

  • Conference in Australia / Kuala Lumpur or Buenos Aires

    “our conference is in Australia / Kuala Lumpur / Buenos Aires and the budget is limited”