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Leading the way in conferencing.

m|events is your global one-stop shop for excellent scientific conferences. As a pioneer in the digitalisation of all event-related processes, our technologies have fundamentally changed the industry. Our solutions continuously enable new, unique event experiences, designed to position societies as key drivers of scientific progress.

But much more valuable than the greatest technology, there’s something truly invaluable at the core – our exceptional team. With over 210 full-time specialists and a force of more than 300 highly motivated part-time contributors, we proudly boast what is likely the planet’s most formidable medical conference technology crew. Together they stand for unrivaled experience based on over 20 years of international experience in the realm of medical conferences.

Pioneers in sustainable event solutions

For years, m|events has championed sustainability, powering buildings with solar energy. Our solar panels are in operation since 2016, generating around 40,000 kilowatt hours per year, also used to power our electric vehicles. Over 250,000 kilowatt hours have been generated so far. The remaining electricity consumption in data centers and offices comes from renewable energies. Our commitment extends to eco-friendly servers, reflecting our dedication to green technologies. Compensating our CO2-footprint through certified climate projects, we drive positive change. With a focus on enhancing meeting performance and reducing environmental impact, m|events is reshaping the landscape of sustainability in our industry and our clients’ scientific meetings.

To compensate for our CO2 footprint, for example, we support the preservation of 100 square meters of forest every month with our commitment to the primeval forest project “Buchengiganten Kammerberg”.  Find out more about this important project.

Turning complex tasks into simple solutions.

Managing professional conferences can be quite simple with all the right tools at your fingertips. m events unites all your activities into a single, highly efficient flow. Experience the most relaxed, secure, and agile form of event management.

All event stages,
one solution.

A can-do spirit to inspire your projects.

Creating tailor-made solutions, committed, reliable and safe, in a pleasant atmosphere of cooperation. This is what customers worldwide appreciate about m events. That’s why most of them have been working with us for 10 years.

Your partner in Europe and the USA.

We are close to you. Our global presence gives us the flexibility to coordinate local providers and quickly translate your needs into customized solutions and the best performance.